Afternoon of the Wolf

Digging Up the Orb

We decided to go into Dwarven territory gain to get the orb’s research notes. Our mission was successful, even though we had to fight dwarves at the researcher’s original cottage. Soon the cottage was on fire, but Nargul and I ventured into the flames to rescue the precious books.

Then we returned with the book to Enra.

The orb is still being a problem. Simn asked us to collect it, but then we went to look for it and wasn’t there! Rue had hidden it from us, the foolish child. But Simn thought that the vampire Essen had hidden it instead.

He rounded up his strongest warrior, possibly Urgans, and went off in search of Essen. But as I kept telling him, Rue had taken it! Why wouldn’t he listen to me?

Of course, I turned out to be right. Following Grue, he lead us to where Rue was hiding. After confronting her, she admitting to stealing the orb! I had to compromise and persuade her to give the orb to Nargul. She could study it along with Nargul. I hope that Rue doesn’t destroy herself with her studies. I don’t know what I would tell Aunt.



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