Afternoon of the Wolf

Return of the Orb

We returned the orb to Sim. Ru didn’t want to return it at first. She is so immature, and does not respect me as her older cousin. She spoke back to a clan elder and acted like such a child. She wanted to keep the orb even though my on interactions with the orb showed how dangerous it was. If only she and Gru listened to me. It is hard being the responsible one in the pack.

Anyway, the orb caused some concern with the elders, they even lost control of their magic! Luckily, they calmed down. I wish everyone would just show each other respect. Ru should have showed respect, but then Sim should have respected her!

Still, I would like to learn more of the Urgan’s secrets.

Sim made us take the orb back to the capital, and a warrior accompanied us. Barwhroen is his name. I suspect him to be one of the secret Urgan warriors!

Back at the capital, we met a sage Nargyl. His cooking was very good. He suggested that we bury the orb, as much as Ru carried on about wanting to study it. The Goddess showed me in a vision that she also wanted the orb buried. So we headed out into the wilderness and concealed. Hopefully, it will never be found. Gru looked happy, as he got to dig a big hole. However, I am concerned that he has been stealing my favourite bones again, even though I buried them where I was sure he would never find them.

Later, Nargyl said that Essen the vampire had appeared when he and Gru were burying the orb. Essen was cryptic as usual, and did not say anything useful or direct. However, she implied that she knew that the orb was there and that she knew of its power. Anyone as powerful as she implies to be could use the orb to do dangerous things. I still don’t trust her, but we don’t have much choice.

I asked Loreanna for a new prophecy, of which side to trust, and she said that Sim wants what is best for Wolf-Kind.

Now we are waiting for Sim to arrive back at at the capital. I hope he gives our pack a good mission to help Woflkind in the war against the dwarves.



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