Afternoon of the Wolf

Studying the Orb

I grow tired of this orb. Nargul, Evan and Rue have been studying it for some time. Grue has gone off to fight in the local games, while I keep an eye on things around Enra. I wish I could help with the study but alas I my priestessly duties must keep busy around the camp.

The book refers to Wiles, the vampire we slew with the orb. The orb, which is a necromantic artefact, appears to react negatively to negative energy and more positively to positive necromancy such as healing. I think that is how Nargul explained it me.

Nargul also asked about the portal that appeared when we fought the original vampire. It is connected to the god Oxdoro, lord of time and space, but I am not sure how it is connected to the orb.


Rue has decided to experiment upon the orb, even after I told her not to! Nargul is supervising, but from a distance. Rue tried to cast ‘heal’ around the orb, on Grue. Grue was not affected by the orb, which changed colour to green. Grue then tried to eat the orb, which he said tasted metallic. I suppose this is all part of the scholarly process..

I still think this terribly risky and we would be better off burying it. Evan is creating portals around the orb. I am watching safely from this hole with Nargul.


Oh! Nargul, who I thought was responsible, was doing further experiments on the orb. He cast a spell on the orb… and then a vampire appeared! The orb was gone. The vampire looked like the one we’d seen earlier, riding a vampire, we had peered through the orb before.

The vampire refused to give his name. He said the orb had been his prison.

What did Nargul do? I thought he was the responsible one around here and not Rue!

The vampire agreed to give us information, but wasn’t very helpful. He said that the vampire ‘Wiles’ was called Yavven. He refused to give us his name. He knew of Essen, but didn’t appear to be her friend. He said that he was opposed to us. I prayed to the goddess and she told me throw this vampire into the deepest hole I could find!

The vampire didn’t believe we’d killed Wiles/Yavven. He refused to tell us any of the vampires’ plans and thought we were stupid barbarians. Then he ran off.

Oh no! We have freed a vampire! Simn will be furious with us! He won’t believe that I’m responsible now! We tried to use the energies floating around us the air to rebuild the orb so we could trap the vampire but then we failed and there was a huge explosion!



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